·         Design, develop, support, and maintain core application software;

·          Well organized document to all databases, software development, and deployment procedure;

·          Work closely with support team and development team to solve problem related to systems

·         Troubleshoot and debug to optimize performance

·         Design interfaces to improve user experience

·         Liaise with Product development team to plan new features

·         Ensure new and legacy applications meet quality standards

·         Stay up-to-date with new technology trends

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About HR Consultant Service Co,.ltd

·         Bachelor degree in computer science or in related fields;

·         At least two-year experience in software development;

·         Knowledge of programming language such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP (Laravel);

·         Knowledge of database such as: Microsoft SQL and MySql;

·         Experience in VueJs is a plus;

·         Ability to work independently and commit deadline;

·         Strong team work, good communication and interpersonal skills;

·         Be able to communicate in spoken and written English with team;

·         Familiarity with OOP design principles

·         Excellent analytical skills with a good problem-solving attitude

·         Ability to perform in a team environment

·         Have to be on time person, highly responsibility, and respect company policy as procedure

·         Full time / part time work

·         Negotiation salary based on working terms and conditions

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