Salary range between $300-$600

1. Job Description of  Debt Recovery officer


·        Communicate with debtors, local authorities, and lawyer for bed debt collection

·        In coordination with other departments, conduct regular follow up with clients through phone calls, home visit, or written correspondences

·        Prepare regular report on status of collection, home/customer visits

·        Communicate with company’s lawyer and prepare necessary legal document for court process in the event of serious default

·        Develop effective payment plan and manage files of written off loans

·        Accurately input and interpret information collected


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2. Requirements


·        Degree or Diploma in a related discipline

·        Debt recovery or collection experience with MFI/Banking industry

·        Familiar with Cambodia law and complaint filing procedure

·        Strong planning, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills

·        Ability to work under pressure.

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